🐸What is FrogSwap ?

FrogSwap is a yield farming ecosystem that builds on top of the solid foundations of the DegenChain. Our goal is to create a trusted platform that enables users to farm FROG token in a truly decentralized fashion with no intermediaries or single points of failure.

Features at FrogSwap

FrogSwap builds on the frontier of Decentralized Finance, providing users with an innovative yield farming experience that is seamless, accessible, and empowering leveraging the high scalability of the DegenChain for users to experience the flow of Decentralized Finance Exclusive to the DegenChain Blockchain.


  • Swap FROG token to DEGEN


  • Deposit your Liquidity Pools Tokens into Farms and earn Bonus rewards.


  • Stake your FROG Tokens with our Frog pool system, and earn FROG or more exotic Tokens from Degen ecosystem projects.


  • Visit FrogSwap Launchpad to participate in exclusive launch events for newly issued Tokens on the Degenchain.

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